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3 simple ways to find your MacBook model number

by Azrul Abas on March 09, 2021

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How do you find the MacBook model number or year?

Believe it or not, that is actually one of the most common questions we get from our customers. It’s not uncommon to find MacBook users not knowing what their MacBook model is, or worse, how to find this useful information. 

This is particularly crucial whenever you are buying specific parts to check compatibility or when sending them for repair. We’ve seen plenty of customers returning their purchase because they bought the wrong model the first time.

Since the MacBook Air, Pro and regular MacBook do not change when they’re updated, Apple uses a specific time of the year as part of the model. So it’s pretty standard to hear someone answer MacBook Air 13 inch Mid-2011 whenever you ask them for their MacBook model. 

But if you’re like me - who probably threw the receipt after buying the product - how do you find all this information? Fret not, just follow these simple steps so you don't sound clueless wherever you purchase your next MacBook parts. 

1) If you can’t turn on your MacBook: 

i) Flip your MacBook over.
ii) You can see that the MacBook model (this is not the battery model!), as well as the serial number printed there.
iii) Enter the serial number to Apple’s Service and Support Coverage.
iv) You will then be able to find your MacBook model given by serial number  

2) If you can turn on your MacBook: 

i) go to the Apple menu on the upper-left corner
ii) Click About this Mac.
iii) A window will pop up with your MacBook serial number, model number, and hardware specifications.

3) If you don’t have your MacBook with you: 

You can still check the model number if you have signed into your Mac with an Apple ID account as the serial number is tied to your Apple ID account online.

i) Simply go to the Apple ID account website and sign in with the Apple ID account you used on the Mac.
ii) Click the name of the Mac under “Devices” on the page that appears and you’ll see the Mac’s serial number.
iii) Highlight and copy the serial number and then head to Apple's Check Coverage page and paste the serial number to see the model number. 

No more excuses 

Now with these simple steps, you no longer have to wonder how to find your MacBook model number anymore whenever the occasion arises.


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