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Unable to Afford the New MacBook? Here’s a List of Earlier MacBooks to Buy in 2022

by Azrul Abas on July 07, 2022

Apple MacBook

Apple is introducing new MacBooks almost every year with new updated features and fresh design. Some of you will be interested in buying the latest model but it also comes with a higher price tag. However, if you still insist on getting yourself a MacBook, why not purchase a used / refurbished MacBook since it is more affordable but yet still able to handle tasks well. Furthermore, buying second-hand devices is good for the environment as it reduces e-waste.

However, do take note that when buying used / refurbished MacBooks you have to be careful as there are a few considerations to look out for:

  • Physical Condition Make sure you scrutinize hard at the device to look for dents, cracked screens, stripped screws and any other deformities that may damage or affect the device. For example, if the device has dents due to dropping the MacBook, it may result in internal components being compromised.
  • Year of Manufacture Apple is often updating the MacBook and with a different year it could determine a good or bad MacBook. For example, for the MacBook Air 2018, they have the troublesome butterfly switch keyboard while the 2019 model has the classic scissor switch keyboard.
  • Price Since this is the main reason for getting a refurbished book, you might want to check the market price and compare prices before buying.

After knowing what the requirements are, let’s look at some of the MacBook that we think have the best value for money.

MacBook Pro 16 2019

MacBook Pro 16 2019

The MacBook Pro 16 2019 is known for completing heavy tasks and usage. This machine is powered by the 6-core Intel i7 or the 8-core Intel i9 that is so powerful for a laptop, It could easily process Photoshop art with a lot of layers or render 4K video quickly. The 16 inch also is the best in class for color accuracy and great for watching videos on Netflix or YouTube. In a nutshell, it’s a beast.

The MacBook Pro 16 2019 on Reebelo starts from S$2,000. While it may still be expensive, compared to the new MacBook Pro 16 with M1 Pro, the 2019 model is almost half that price. For a comparison it is also cheaper than the new top spec MacBook Air M2 but with a bigger display, bigger battery, and powerful chip to work on.


  • Flagship MacBook Pro on 2019
  • Powerful Intel chip known for doing graphic works, Has dedicated GPU for demanding workloads.
  • Huge 16-inch display 


  • Lack of portability
  • Gets hot and loud under heavy usage

M1  MacBook Pro 13 2020

M1 MacBook Pro 13 2020

The M1 MacBook Pro 13 2020 is a part of the newer MacBooks but it is considered one of the pioneers of the Apple Revolution with the M1 Chip. The 2020 MacBook performed much better than the Intel version, they also updated the keyboard that feels better while typing.

This M1 MacBook Pro 13 M1 2020 also now sells approximately around S$1,400 - S$1,500 on the Apple Refurbished Store Singapore.They recently just gave an update to this laptop with the M2 Chip, but it is still pretty much the same model.


  • Powerful M1 chip to work powerful apps
  • Great battery life thanks to the M1 Chip efficiency
  • Magic Keyboard feels great


  • Lack of portability
  • Same design with the 2016 MacBook Pro

MacBook pro 13 2019

MacBook Pro 13 2019

The MacBook Pro 13 2019 is the go to laptop for everyone - from student to business owners. It is packed with Intel i5 but combines with the  Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 that is able to render huge illustrator artwork in no time. This laptop still has the TouchBar to help productivity, unlike the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16.

Yet, it also faces the same problem as the Intel MacBook Pro where it can get hot easily when running energy-consuming applications. However, this can be overlooked considering you can buy this MacBook Pro 13 2019  for under S$1,300 on the Apple Refurbished Store


  • Beautiful bright display
  • It has the convenient TouchID
  • Fast performing Intel i5


  • Gets hot when working under pressure
  • The keyboard has shallow travel

M1 MacBook Air 2020

M1 MacBook Air 2020

From the MacBook Air department, MacBook Air M1 is the ultimate student laptop of all time. It has everything a student needs: a powerful M1 chip to work your school assignment, gorgeous retina display to complement your tv series in between those assignments, thin and sleek design if you decide you want to bring your work outside the house, the M1 has great battery life.

This particular MacBook is still sold on the Apple store even though its M2 version is out. The refurbished one cost S$1,200  on Reebelo while the New MacBook Air M2 cost S$500 more on the Apple store. 


  • Powerful M1 Chip
  • Thin and slick design for mobility
  • Great display and battery life


  • The new one only  cost S$300 more
  • Only  has 2 USB Type C port

MacBook Pro 13 2014

Obsolete MacBook

Honorable mention to these 3 classic MacBook models that we think it’s great but are going on the obsolete list. They are the MacBook Air 11 Inch (A1370 / A1465) MacBook Air 13 Inch (A1369 / A1466) and MacBook Pro 13 Inch models (A1502) These laptops are the few models that are still regularly used despite being over 7, 8 years since its release. If you are still using them, you can extend its life by doing battery replacement for these models. 

Top Pick Used MacBook

Overall, we are definitely going to choose the M1 MacBook Pro 13 2020. Granted its still relatively new, but that's because it has a great value for money. It is S$400 cheaper than the M2 Model and S$1,600 cheaper than the new MacBook Pro 14. Furthermore, this model has the M1 chip instead of using a burning hot Intel. Apple did a great job with the M1 that it unleashed the true potential of the device itself. 

For the runner up, we would give it to the MacBook Pro 16 2020 as it has a good price and will suit well for¹ professionals. Although it still has the Intel processor, its performance is still one of the best performing flagship laptops. And it would be great for designers and video creators considering it has a huge screen and brilliant speakers. 

MacBook Repair and Parts Replacement

If you actually decide to buy one, take note that issues could still arise. Some used MacBook usually has a screen issue or the battery deteriorated. does offer MacBook Battery replacement in Singapore. Simply search for the battery model such as the A2171 or A2113 MacBook Pro battery and you can start repairing your own MacBook for an affordable option. Fret not if you're living outside of Singapore as we also ship parts to Malaysia and Brunei. 

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