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Find Out Your MacBook Cycle Count and How to Fix it

by Azrul Abas on January 21, 2022

MacBook Cycle Count

All electronic devices including MacBook will age, the older it gets and problems may appear on the surface. The most common problem related to age is battery. Someday it won’t hold a charge like a brand new one and one day you’ll always wake up to a dead MacBook. But the MacBook comes with a utility that tells you when the battery has gone bad and needs replacement.

Here’s how to check your MacBook’s battery life condition, go to system preferences and select battery, then click on the battery health button on the bottom side. You will see one of these four conditions:

  • Normal means the battery is functioning normally.
  • Replace Soon means the battery is functioning normally but doesn’t hold charge like it was new.
  • Replace Now means the battery is functioning normally but holds significantly less charge capacity like it was new. You will still able to use your computer without causing any harm 
  • Service Battery means the battery is not functioning well anymore, and it may change in its behaviour when plugging into the power adapter and your charge doesn't last long. Replace your battery soon before it causes any harm to your computer.Take your computer in for service.

Battery Cycle Count

What does cycle count mean? One cycle count means that you are using all of your battery’s power and recharge it again to 100%. Most Mac batteries can last as much as 1.000 cycles. According to Apple, “your battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity”. If you want to check your battery cycle count here’s how:

  • Press CMD and space bar to search for About This Mac
  • Click on the system report button
  • Choose power located on the left tab
  • On the battery information section you’ll find your number of cycles.

Replace your MacBook's battery

Apple offers MacBook battery replacement and they charge you between $129 and $199. You can ship or take your device directly to Apple. Or if you are up to some challenges and save some pennies you can self-repair!

Mend is one of the service centers that offers MacBook repair at an affordable price and also comes with high quality parts so you can self repair your MacBook’s battery. We provide you with the parts, tool kit, and a complete guide to mend your faulty device. If you found yourself stuck in the middle of repairing you could book an appointment and we will repair it for you.


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