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How much to pay for MacBook Pro battery replacement services in Singapore?

by Azrul Abas on July 23, 2021

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The Price to Pay

The MacBook Pro is a sleek and portable computer introduced by Apple in January 2006. The recent models were updated in 2019 with the 8th and 9th generation Intel processors and a new butterfly keyboard technology. It is available in 13 and 15-inch sizes and equipped with built-in graphics, four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, and storage of 4TB.

With the incredible and phenomenal features that the MacBook possesses, it is not difficult for people in Singapore to justify its relatively high cost. Despite being a device known for its high performance, it is inevitable that the MacBook Pro will wear down with time due to its battery. 

This is due to its limited number of cycle count and it will start to slow down and affect its performance after a few years. When this happens it's time to replace your MacBook Pro’s battery. 

However, before knowing how much you should be paying for your replacement services, below are some of the signs that indicate you need a MacBook battery replacement. You can read more about that in our previous article.


Signs you Might Need MacBook Pro Battery Replacement 

There are a few things to pay attention to before you decide to replace your MacBook Pro’s battery. 


Battery service warning 

The MacBook is designed in such a way that it lets you know when it needs a new battery.

Click on the battery level in the top menu bar to bring down the drop-down. At the top of the menu, you will find the battery’s current condition. If it says, “Replace Soon,” “Replace Now,” or “Service Battery,” it is time to look for a MacBook Pro battery replacement. 


MacBook does not hold the charge  

The first and the most obvious sign that your MacBook Pro needs a new battery is when your laptop’s battery life percentage falls from 100% to 50% in a matter of just a few minutes. This is frustrating and limits mobility making it feel like you are using a desktop computer. If you are dealing with this now, then it is time to replace the battery.


Unexpected shutdown

Your MacBook Pro can unexpectedly turn off. It can happen when the battery lives past its expected shelf life. If your MacBook turns off while on a charge, it is a clear sign that it is time to replace the battery. 



When using the MacBook Pro, if it feels too hot to touch, the culprit may be a faulty battery. However, other hardware or software issues can also cause the MacBook Pro to overheat. Check your laptop while plugged in to determine if the overheating problem is due to the battery.


How Much Does a MacBook Pro Replacement Battery Cost?

Option 1: Check Your Apple Warranty 

The cost for your MacBook Pro battery replacement in Singapore depends on where you purchased it, what model of MacBook Pro you have, and whether it carries a warranty or not. 

The MacBook battery is not cheap but is still a lot cheaper than getting a new laptop. When you need to replace the battery, check for the warranty. With the warranty, you do not have to spend much money on a new battery. The 13-inch MacBook Pro (non-Touch Bar) manufactured between October 2016 and 2017 is eligible for a free battery replacement from Apple. The price range for battery replacement in Singapore starts from $129 to $199. 


Option 2: Replace the Battery Yourself

You can also order your battery and replace it yourself. It is the cheapest option as you only need to pay for the parts. However, this also means that you need to have a set of tools to open your MacBook and a method to safely dispose of your old battery.

One way is to buy the DIY repair kits that provide everything you need to replace your MacBook Pro’s battery as well as the battery itself. Alternatively, you can buy the battery from Mend where we also provide guides as well as providing the necessary tools. For example, fixing your MacBook Pro 13 inch 2012 model can be as low as $40 if you order the battery from us here.


Option 3: Replace at a Computer Repair Centre

Replacing your MacBook Pro battery at a computer repair center will still save you a lot of money as compared to bringing it to the Apple store. The MacBook Pro battery repair and computer repair centers source low-cost parts to reduce costs and replace your battery. However, the exact cost will vary based on who you approach.

Mend is a leading MacBook Pro battery replacement and repair center in Singapore that provides high-quality services at an affordable price. The MacBook Pro battery replacement cost starts as low as $70 whereas other places will easily charge double the price. 


How much would you spent?

If you need a new battery for your MacBook Pro because of your computer’s age or performance, replacing the battery is a lot cheaper than buying a brand-new laptop. 

You could either go directly through Apple to get your battery replaced or contact us for a low-cost MacBook Pro battery replacement service in Singapore.


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