How to save your MacBook from water damage

by Azrul Abas on July 05, 2021

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No use crying over spilt milk 

Spilling water or other liquids on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is a horrible feeling and something we’ve all been guilty of whenever we have a cup of water beside your MacBook. However, instead of panicking, here are a few steps which you can take to help preserve your sleek and shiny device. 

These steps to save your MacBook from water damage have been tried and tested by several technicians so you can apply these steps if it one day happens to you (touch wood!).


Switch off the laptop

The first thing you need to do when you spill water on your MacBook is to switch it off immediately. Do be cautious around the water and electricity to avoid getting a shock or starting a fire. Hold down the power button until the power is off. Your unsaved documents are the least of your priority for now! The sooner you switch off the safer it will be for yourself and your MacBook. 

However, if your water-damaged MacBook cannot be turned off holding the power button, it means the keyboard has stopped functioning. Do not panic, as you have other methods to shut it down.


Unplug the charger

Next, carefully unplug the charger from the power switch and the MacBook. By unplugging the charger, you are turning off the charging circuit of the logic board. 

If you have spilled water on the charger instead, the danger is from the charger’s input power. In this case, it is safe to touch the MacBook, but not the charger. You would need to unplug the power cord from the main socket carefully.


Dry off all the visible water

After all the power sources have been disconnected, dry off all visible water completely. Use a cotton towel as it is absorbent, or even paper towels. 

Once excess water is dried, take a Q-tip to absorb the water from the corners, keyboard, trackpad, and ports. Soak up any visible water off your MacBook.

Pay special attention to the keyboard as water can easily seep under the keys. If you are confident and have the capability as well as the proper tools for it, you can disassemble the machine to dry out the components. However, if you are a bit unsure, fret not as you can still bring your laptop to the Apple Mac repair Singapore service center to save it from any further water damage. 


Remove the battery

Moving on, you should try to remove the MacBook battery if you can do so. Great news if your water-damaged MacBook has a removable battery and you can easily take them out to dry it.

If not, you can take a look at some of our featured guides here to help you remove the battery yourself.


Flip the MacBook

Once the battery has been removed, flip your MacBook over into a tent position. The logic behind this is to let the extra water drip away from the vulnerable parts. This will help to dry out most of the laptop and save it from any further damage. However, do take note that although it might help in some cases, there’s also a chance that it may further damage the device by spreading water around it. 


Getting out of hand

However, do take note that if it gets too dangerous, we do recommend leaving the damaged laptop to any MacBook repair services in Singapore centers.

If you have followed the above-mentioned steps to save your water-damaged MacBook and it is still not working, do contact today. The trained and certified technicians can help you save the water-damaged MacBook at an affordable price.

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