Testing your MacBook to see if it needs a new battery replacement

by Azrul Abas on March 31, 2021
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Help, I can’t turn it on!

Just because you’re experiencing poor performance on your laptop or when it’s unable to be turned on, it does not necessarily mean that the battery is faulty and in need of an immediate replacement. Perform these initial diagnostic tests to find the source of the problem before you purchase your next battery.  

1) Checking your battery health

The most common way to check whether you need a battery replacement is by finding out your battery’s health.  

  • While holding down the option key, click the battery icon in your status bar (top right corner)
  • Your battery health will appear at the top as either: Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, or Service Battery. Anything other than Normal requires you to replace your battery.
  • You can also check the battery cycle count to really be sure that it’s indeed time for a new one ( A new battery has about 1000 cycle counts)

2) Download coconutbattery

Alternatively, you can download the coconutbattery app for MacBook to get a better comprehensive view of your battery’s live performance - from the current maximum capacity of the battery to how often it is being charged. And best part, the app is free!

3) Checking for fakes  

There are plenty of times where we’ve seen a user panicked over how the laptop can’t be turned on, only to realize that the brightness was set to minimum! Hence make sure the brightness is set to the max and that the volume is not muted as well.

4) Don’t forget the adapter

If your MacBook is not charging properly or not able to at all, it could be the fault of the adapter! Borrow a friend’s charger to see whether your laptop is charging normally so that you can pinpoint the culprit! Buying an adapter charger is definitely cheaper than getting another MacBook battery!

Test it out!

Before you start to panic whenever you see tell-tale signs of your battery not working optimally, conduct these tests to see whether it is really a faulty battery or just a careless mistake on your part! In addition, practice good habits as well to ensure your battery lasts long as possible.


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