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6 things to consider when buying the Apple iPad Pro M1

by Azrul Abas on April 11, 2022

Apple iPad Pro 2021 M1 5th Generation 

The iPad Pro has been in the spotlight since its launch in 2015 with several improvements made over the last seven years. Among the changes, the one thing that has been talked about the most would have to be the latest iPad Pro with the Apple M1 chip.

This stirred a lot of chatter, even having people questioning whether to get the iPad Pro or the latest MacBook Pro despite both being 2 different devices. But what is it about the iPad Pro that makes it onto everyone’s Christmas list this year? Here we’ll list down 4 reasons why you should get the iPad Pro this year. 


Apple Silicon M1 Chip

The almighty M1 Chip

The mighty M1 chip is powering the iPad Pro and made the 2021 iPad Pro much faster with better graphic performance than previous generations. The desktop-class performance chip allows the iPad to easily run powerful apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Procreate very smoothly. It also enables the iPad to multitask with the Slide Over or Split View function with multiple apps running at the same time. Not to mention that the M1 Chip runs so efficiently you could have an all-day battery life while performing these heavy duty tasks. If you’re always on the go for meetings with clients, then this is great news for you. 


Apple Magic Keyboard Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard

Time to ditch the MacBook! With the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation with lower latency for realistic writing and drawing feel along with its new double-tap feature makes it perfect for working on the iPad. In addition, the iPad Pro 2021 Apple also introduced a new keyboard called the Magic Keyboard. 

This new iPad Keyboard is an improvement from its previous models as it has a laptop-like click on the keyboard and also has a trackpad built in for better navigation. The Magic Keyboard also creates a floating effect on the iPad Pro for better viewing angle. Designers, illustrators and budding artists, this is more than enough reason for you to get it! 

Apple Liquid Retina XDR Display iPad Pro

Go crystal clear with Liquid Retina XDR Display

For the 12.9” iPad Pro, Apple also designed a new display called the Liquid Retina XDR Display. The new feature on this display is the mini-LED system that backlits the display. Compared to the traditional local dimming display, this new display has more contrast, brightness, and deeper blacks. 

With this new display and ProMotion, it becomes a great experience binging Apple TV+ (or Netflix!) after a hard day of work or when playing immersive games at the highest setting. Truly usable for everyone at home!

New Front Camera

Furthermore, what’s new on the iPad Pro is its front camera, which now has a 12MP Ultra Wide lens! This is due to its Center Stage feature where it enables the camera to follow you while keeping you in the frame during a video call. The camera pans very quickly and smoothly, so it's definitely great for Zoom or Google Meet Meetings at home or at work. 

But is it really THAT good?

There have been raving reviews by consumer and tech reviewers with regards to this device.  They love it - especially with better quality features that allows it to perform longer and be more durable. However, there are some drawbacks to this device, and we think these are 2 reasons why you should consider before buying the iPad Pro. 

MacRumors Blooming Proof iPad Pro 12.9Source:

The Blooming Effect

According to Apple, blooming occurs when the LED zones are larger than the LCD pixel size. A white shimmer can then be seen around a white letter. And the iPad Pro 12.9” suffers more blooming than expected.

Apple has created a state of the art display for the iPad Pro with mini-LED to reduce that blooming issue to achieve truer blacks. But some consumers reported this issue that they had with the 12.9 iPad Pro. Yes, blooming is expected to some extent but the severity of the issue is debatable amongst customers as some have deemed it to be rather acceptable and not as annoying when using the device. 

Price Point

Another very important factor to consider. The 12.9” iPad Pro 2021 is truly the best tablet in the market and can even be considered a substitute for a laptop or desktop computer.

The base model is well valued at S$1,199. But if you want the most of the iPad Pro and enjoy the full experience, this includes opting for the 12.9” model Liquid Retina XDR Display, 2TB storage to store 4K videos, cellular option for 5G connectivity, and the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard that could cost you up to S$4,227!

That is definitely more than some of the newer MacBooks models around but without the full performance of a laptop.

Check out the full pricing of the iPad Pro here.

The Verdict

After all the reasons listed above, we can conclude that the iPad Pro 2021 is indeed an amazing device. However, should you really get the device? 

Short answer, yes! That is if you are a professional (graphic designer, developer, musician, digital painter, etc) that could maximize every inch of this iPad Pro. It will be a staple or even the main driver that you will be working on for your work. And if that is the case, then this device is surely for you.

However if you are not and probably just need a justification to get it, then we recommend getting the base 11” 256GB iPad Pro without the cellular option, or to wait for the 6th Generation iPad Pro that is expected to come this year.

But what if you are a student or a graduate looking for your first job that needs an iPad for work productivity and you’re a bit short on the budget side? Check out the 2022 iPad Air 5th Generation. It is also powered by the M1 Chip, same form factor as the 11” iPad Pro (but with a single camera on the back) and only starts from S$879. 

Still too big for you? You can get the iPad mini as the small form factor makes it great for on-the-go.

In any case, if you still do have a functioning iPad that is not performing as well, do consider replacing the battery first instead of buying a newer model offers not only MacBook and iPhone repair but also available for iPad battery replacement in Singapore.

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