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Lenovo Unveils New Legion and Yoga Laptop, Is it Worth the Wait?

by Azrul Abas on July 27, 2022

Lenovo Yoga 2022

Lenovo has been riding the new resurgence of laptop sales with its clearly defined sub brands. Recently, Lenovo just announced big updates to some of their Laptop line up - the Legion and Yoga Laptop. One of the biggest updates to these laptops is how they are powered by the new 12th Gen Intel with faster graphics and improved battery performance. 

Legion 5i

New Lenovo Legion

This new series of Legion gaming laptops from Lenovo strikes the balance between style and power. Combined with the new 12th Gen Intel, Lenovo Legion 5i and 5i Pro are battle-ready machines, being able to deliver high performance with efficient heat dissipation. The new graphics technology enables better performance for instance while playing games such as Valorant or Call of Duty.

The Legion 5 series also has a battery capacity of 80Wh and can reach up to 80% charging in just 30 minutes. The AI engine 2.0 automatically recognises the game, and achieves optimized system performance, and increases 20% Frames per second to deliver seamless gameplay. With the Legion 5 series price starting at S$2,000, we think it’s a good price for an entry level gaming laptop.

Legion 7i Pro

The Legion 7 series has a 16-inch 2560 x 1600 resolution screen that hits up to 1,250 nits of peak brightness for outdoor usage, with a typical 165Hz refresh rate, and 100% DCI-P3 color spectrum for accurate color displays. Incorporating Legion’s own Coldfront 4.0 cooling system and a better-designed chassis for improved airflow, the Legion can push up to 115W in combined thermal design power (TDP) without throttling.

The Legion 7 Series also comes in a durable package of aerospace-grade magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis for those moments where you need to express your gamer rage. The chassis is 19mm thick and weighs a reasonable 2.5kg for the Legion 7i, while the Legion Slim 7i is more portable at 16mm in thickness and 2kg in weight. With the price starting from S$2,800, it is well priced for a flagship gaming laptop.

Lenovo Yoga

New Lenovo Yoga

The new Yoga series combines fine craftsmanship and smart AI features. One of the standout design elements is the new jewel-toned craftsmanship. The new Yoga 9i uses an arc-shaped design to provide comfort during long-term use and movement. OLED screens are gradually becoming the industry standard for premium laptops and the colors are vibrant on this 16:10 OLED screen with up to 4K resolution.

This also applies to the Yoga 7 Series getting a display upgrade, where it will be packed with a QHD display with 2.8K resolution that looks stunning. But other than that, the Yoga 7 Series doesn’t get much upgrade. The Yoga 9 Series is now starting at S$2,200 and the Yoga 7 Series starts from S$1,700.

Lenovo Yoga

So is it worth the wait?

The highlight of the update here is obviously the 12th Gen Intel, and we don’t really see any other major upgrades on this new generation. So should you upgrade to the new one? 

Well it depends - if you are a professional or someone who needs to take advantage of the new processor to use Adobe apps, movie editing and rendering, or even crunching a lot of data, then perhaps it's a beneficial upgrade to the new gen Lenovo. The 12th Gen Intel will greatly improve the efficiency in working with the heavy tasks, thanks to its improved graphic performance and better heat dissipation.

But if you are just using your laptop for web browsing, doing simple tasks on Microsoft Office, or maybe just some simple design on Canva, then maybe you don’t need to splurge on another S$2,000 Laptop. Your Lenovo ThinkPad X280 or even the older IdeaPad G400s will still work as fine. These older devices are still capable and durable enough for completing these tasks and not necessary to upgrade it to the new 12th Gen Intel.

Lenovo Laptop Repair

Nevertheless, if the Lenovo laptop you are using is not performing as well, do consider replacing the battery first instead of buying a newer model on Lenovo Service Center or a local one. offers not only MacBook and HP repair but also available for Lenovo Laptop battery replacement in Singapore such as the Lenovo ThinkPad Battery L17L3P71. And the best part is that we also ship to Malaysia, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand. 

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