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My MacBook Fan is Loud, Here’s 5 Tips for you

by Azrul Abas on January 14, 2022

MacBook Pro Repair

Here are the steps to fix a loud MacBook fan, and how to cool down your Mac and stop the overheating problem.

If your MacBook begins to heat up and sounds like a helicopter, it appears that maybe you Mac is working so hard or maybe it’s a sign of something wrong going on. It could be an issue or you have a faulty fan. 

First thing first, you have to know that the fan in your laptop is a built-in feature to cool down your computer, because it can get really hot if you push your computer to the limit. For example you are a videographer and you render those an hour long 4K video with heavy apps, or if you are a gamer and you play your favorite game for more than 2 hours with maxed out graphic option it could make your laptop really hot and that’s when your cooling fan will kick in and lower the temperature inside. But what if you’re not doing any of those thing and still your MacBook fan spinning and sounds so loud, maybe you should know check out these tips:

Tip 1: Check the Usage of the CPU

The fans inside the MacBook will be on as a precautionary measure when the CPU is working a heavy load, such as gaming, rendering, or handling an intensive task. but , if you are not sure what triggered the fans you should check the Activity Monitor. To do that, press the CMD key and Spacebar at the same time and search for “Activity Monitor”. After it opens make sure  the CPU tab is selected then look to see which apps are at the top of the %CPU column.  If it's not essential, you can try closing it to see if that stops the fans. Click on the process and then click on the X button to stop it.  

Tip 2: Temperature Control

Also Important, Check your surroundings when diagnosing fans problems. If it’s a sunny day in your town and no air conditioning in your room or it could be you are using a heater in your room, it could be a factor that makes your MacBook heat up and kick up the fans speed. Ideally, room temperature should be between 10 to 35 degrees Celsius. Move to another room or stop using your Mac if the area you are in is hotter than 35 degrees.  This could be even worse if you also run intensive software and warm the CPU as it is going to be harder to cool the computer. Turn on the air conditioner, lower your heater, or use a fan to circulate the air in the room. You could also use an external fan for a laptop to help cool down your computer.

Tip 3: Air Circulation

It's likely that your MacBook is placed directly on a table or desk, this means that the hot air can’t circulate well. You could try using a laptop stand which allows the air to circulate better underneath the MacBook.

Tip 4: Check the Air Vents

Here’s another thing about air that can make your MacBook heat up, whether the air vents are blocked. What you wanted to check is if you place your MacBook on a soft surface such as a bed, pillow, or on your lap it could block the air vent which is usually placed on the bottom side of the Mac then you should move it to a flat surface where the air vents could breathe. Other reason would be dust blocking the vents, on a MacBook Pro, you'll find vents along the back edge (where the display hinges are found) and the side edges just beyond the USB-C ports, while MacBook Air vents are all situated along the top edge of the chassis near the hinges. You could try using a vacuum or a compressed air to remove any build-up of fluff or dust, but be sure to keep the distance away from the device to avoid any damage.  

Tip 5: Change your Power Adapter

You are always using your power adapter, it could be one of the problems with the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro fan if the power adapter is faulty. You can find your MacBook power adapter here. If you have done all 5 tips and are still having problems with your overheating Mac, then consider resetting the SMC (System Management Controller) you can find out here.

You followed all of the tip above even resetting the SMC and somehow your MacBook is still overheating and the fan keeps spinning like a turbo or maybe it won't spin. Then don’t worry, just bring it to the Apple service center to do a MacBook repair. Even better, you could repair it yourself!

Mend is one of the service centers that offers MacBook repair at an affordable price and also comes with high quality parts so you can self repair your faulty fan at home. We provide you with the parts, tool kit, and a complete guide to mend your faulty device. If you found yourself stuck in the middle of repairing you could book an appointment and we will repair it for you.


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