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All the different ways for you to repair for your MacBook battery replacement

by Azrul Abas on May 26, 2022

MacBook Battery Replacement Singapore

All electronic devices including MacBook will age. As time passes, more problems may arise, where the most common issue is battery related. As you continually use your MacBook, over time it will not hold its charge and you may, one day wake up to a dead MacBook. 

How do you know it is time to change your battery?

Firstly, check your Battery health and battery cycle count on your Mac. When it reaches around 1,000 cycle count, that’s one of the obvious signs that it’s time to change the battery on your MacBook.

Secondly, if your battery starts showing symptoms such as shutting down suddenly on battery power, overheating, bloated battery, etc. and did not function as it should be, then it also a sign you need to replace it immediately

Ways to repair MacBook battery

So now that you’ve decided to replace the battery, there are several ways to do so. Here, we list down 4 ways that you can replace your MacBook battery and go through these options with you. 

Apple MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

Apple Warranty

If your MacBook still has its warranty, Apple will provide you a battery replacement for a faulty or excessively degraded battery free of charge. In Singapore, Apple provides a limited one-year warranty, similar to the one in the US. If you purchased AppleCare for your MacBook, this coverage extends to three years.

You can check your warranty status on Apple's Check Coverage page using your Mac's serial number. Find your serial number by clicking the Apple menu at the top-left of the screen and selecting About This Mac. The benefit of this option is that you won’t be spending any cent because it is still on warranty.

Apple Battery Replacement

The second option would be replacing your battery at Apple’s official service center. Apple recommends you use first-party or third-party authorized service centers to replace the battery. This is generally the most expensive option, but it's also the safest. The procedure is less likely to go wrong, and Apple provides a 90-day guarantee for any work performed.

Assuming the service isn't covered by warranty, a typical MacBook battery replacement costs  S$188 for a MacBook Air or S$288 for a MacBook Pro. And if you require the drive to be shipped, you will need to pay an additional fee.

To start your MacBook battery replacement with Apple, go to the Apple's Mac Service and Repair website and click Start a service request. If there are no Apple stores nearby, the website will suggest authorized third parties who can perform the work instead. These technicians undergo the same training as Apple's, and provide the same guarantees.

 Mend Apple Battery Repair Singapore

Local Repair Shop

If you want to search for an affordable option, you could always go to a third-party computer repair company to replace your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro battery for you. Many repair shops will source and replace your battery, even if they're not affiliated with Apple. However, the exact cost of replacing your MacBook's battery in this way will vary based on who you approach. provides an affordable MacBook battery replacement in Singapore that covers most of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or even the MacBook 12 inch batteries. Not only batteries, if you have any other MacBook issues such as fans, screen, etc. you can always go to the service section to enquire for assistance. All you have to do is book an appointment with us and get your MacBook battery done by the hour.

The battery replacement may vary but it starts from S$70 and with that price we also give you a 6 months warranty for the product and service.

Self-Fix your device

The last option that you can try if you feel local repair shops are still too expensive is to do the battery replacement on your own. Not only would you be able to learn a new skill, you are also able to save some money doing so. 

With that said you should always do your research beforehand and find a store that sells the battery with a warranty, like Not only do we provide an affordable service but also an affordable product for self-fixing.The product we sell include a kit to teardown and assemble your device, a thorough guide, and a warranty for the faulty parts.

Even if you still found yourself stuck in the middle of  fixing your MacBook, we are just one call away. You can book an appointment and we will pick up where you left off to ensure that your device is working well again. 

Mend Singapore Apple MacBook Battery Service Singapore

Which one do we prefer?

Well it depends, if your battery is still covered by the warranty then you should claim it immediately as it is a trusted option and it won’t cost you anything to replace the battery. 

However, if the warranty is no longer viable, then we recommend you to just repair it on your ownSome models may prove to be pretty easy to replace and it’s a much cheaper option for your MacBook battery replacement.

We hope you find this article helpful for deciding on several options to do a MacBook Battery replacement. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs, we also cover buying guides such as whether you should buy the MacBook Air M1 in 2022 or some tips like How to do a Screen Record on your MacBook.


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