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Tips in finding a reliable MacBook Repair Centre

by Azrul Abas on July 26, 2021

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Electronic devices have become indispensable today. The MacBook, which comes with a slim and sleek design, powerful operating system, and long-lasting battery performance, is advantageous over others laptop designs.  Just like any other Apple products, it is known for its performance and durability. 

However, like every other gadget, it will also succumb to technical issues. These problems can hinder the completion of an urgent assignment or important presentation. Eventually, one needs to find a repair centre as soon as possible.  When it comes to finding one, there are different things to be taken into consideration. After all, you can’t risk delaying your tasks because of the issue with your Mac. 

This blog posts will focus on tips to find a reliable Mac repair centre around you.



To get the MacBook fixed, you will first need to get in touch with a MacBook repair service in Singapore. You need to analyse aspects such as the model and hardware that needs attention and based on evaluations like these, you will be able to sort the issues that are bothering you. This will also simplify things you need to get fixed, which in turn will help you sort the list of repair centres you need to get in touch with.


Warranty Period

Even after getting the issue fixed, you can’t be completely sure that the same error won’t occur again. For this, you need to check if the Mac repair service you are choosing offers a warranty over its repairs or not.  It will keep you on the safe side if the repair doesn’t prove to be fruitful. Most repair centres offer 30-60 days of guarantee, but some can guarantee 180 days. Here at Mend, we provide a 6 months warranty period.



Just like the selling price of the product, the costs of getting the Mac fixed can be higher or lower depending on the replacement or repair.  It is essential to evaluate the quote around what you’re willing and able to fork out. To save yourself from heavy bills on your repair, enquire about the price, and if it seems reasonable, go for it.  Enquire for the quotations from different centres and approach the ones whom you think are charging you reasonably. 



As much as cost is an important factor in choosing the repair service centres, at the same time, do not ignore the quality of the service. Finding a local repair centre around you might not seem to be a hard task, but finding the right one can be. For this, check the reviews of the service centre you’ve chosen. Get in touch only after estimating and evaluating all about the apple or mac repair centre in Singapore.


Time taken to complete

When you have a long list of tasks to accomplish, you do not have too much time to sit back without your laptop. Before handling your device to the Mac repair service centre, do enquire about the time you can expect it. Usually, the turnaround time or the time in which a MacBook can get fixed is 2-5 working days. Here at Mend, customers can expect to collect back their MacBook on the same day.



So these were the tips you need to keep in mind before handing over the laptop to a repair centre. All in all, first try to find the problem, and then enquire about the costs. However, do not forget about the warranty period for the repair. Before you proceed, try to find what the other people say about the Mac repair service centre in Singapore.


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