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What to do when your MacBook starts overheating

by Azrul Abas on August 13, 2021

Man exhausted due to overheating

Overworked and Overheated

The MacBook is a highly functional gadget that eases a plethora of operations for its users. If you are a user, you are aware of its many features. Inevitably, prolonged usage of the MacBook can lead to it overheating, especially when you notice some of its symptoms.

For one, if you repeatedly notice the jet-like noise coming from your Mac, that could be a case of overheating. Not only will it harm the hardware of your system (such as bloating of the battery), but it can also lead to other software issues such as the MacBook freezing, slowing down during usage, or even worse - automatically shutting down

While bringing it to a MacBook Repair Service store definitely resolves the issue, they are not readily available 24/7. So here’s a few ways on what you can do to immediately mitigate it. 



In any laptop, ventilation areas are responsible for expelling the heat from inside. Usually, in most laptops, these areas are easily noticeable and you can find them near the rear screen hinge of your MacBook. Do also check whether the MacBook fans are working properly*. You have to ensure that this area does not have debris, dust, or other blockages. It will ensure that the path for the heat is clear.

*To test whether your fan is still working, launch Apple Diagnostics. Turn your MacBook off and then hold the “D” key while turning it on. Your Mac will test your hardware, and let you know if your fan is broken.



If you run too many applications at the same time, you will notice it overheating. Instead, go to the ‘Apple icon’ on your Mac’s top left corner on the screen. Go to System Preferences where you can find the drop-down menu. Next, select accounts and then go for Login items. Here you can choose the programs you don’t want to start while switching on the laptop. 


Elevate the MacBook

The next thing that you can do is to ensure that you cool your laptop. You can either go for laptop cooler trays or put some books under your MacBook. You can even use an egg tray as a last resort! Cooler trays are made from hard plastic or metal and they help to lessen the operating temperature of the laptop. Whatever means you choose, the purpose of the tray is to lift the MacBook from its working area. This can provide space or to increase the airflow to the base of the laptop and eventually help to prevent instances of overheating. 


Automatic Graphics Switching

Many MacBook come with both a discrete graphic processor and an internal graphics processor. A MacBook will turn to the internal graphic processor if you turn to automatic graphic switching. Even though this saves power, it can also impact the CPU by putting additional load. This can be prevented if you switch it off and work with the discrete graphics processor. 


Time to cool down

Well this may not be a permanent solution, it will at least prevent further damage to your MacBook or if you need a quick fix if you experience it in the middle of the night. And if all else fails, you can always contact us for an appointment.



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