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Why you should DIY your own MacBook Battery Replacement

by Azrul Abas on March 09, 2021

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Worst scenario ever

Imagine preparing a client deck due tomorrow, or something more important like watching your favourite Netflix show and your MacBook suddenly shuts down even after charging an hour ago.

You wonder why your MacBook is draining fast and start to panic on how to fix this issue as there is no time to waste.

Time to DIY

Thankfully, that scenario can be mitigated if you actually DIY your own MacBook battery replacement.

In short, you can simply purchase the correct battery model from our store and once received, mend your own battery replacement and your MacBook will be functioning back to normal within minutes. (Pro tip: Purchase the battery directly from our warehouse if you need it immediately)

I know, some of you might be wondering “Why should I get my hands dirty to install the new battery when I can get someone else to do it for me?”

Well, here we break down a few reasons why you should DIY your own MacBook battery replacement: 

1) It’s Faster

Between booking an appointment with the Apple store, to waiting for a confirmation from the service shop, you probably would have already finished installing!

For MacBook Air models, it’s just a matter of how fast you can unscrew the screws and finding the right one. MacBook Pro models would definitely take a longer time but it still beats waiting for a queue number and waiting for an appointment date. 

You can find plenty of battery installation guides online and most require you just to know how to operate a screwdriver!  

2) You’ll be paying a fraction of the cost 

It’s not rocket science that DIY is definitely much cheaper as compared to bringing it to a service repair shop. 

For the former, you are only paying for the battery hardware itself while for the servicing, alot of additional hidden costs may be included as well. 

Take the MacBook Air 13 inch, late 2010 model. The A1377 battery costs $50 on our online store but a quick search on ‘MacBook Repair Cost in Singapore’ on the same model replacement shows listings of $190 onwards 

3) That place seems rather sus… 

There have been plenty of complaints in forums on how certain service providers have been scamming customers or not properly fixing their MacBook. 

By DIY-ing on your own, you don’t ever have to worry about how these repair shops will shortchange you ever again. 

4) It’s actually not that difficult 

I’m not kidding that for some, the only tools required for a MacBook Air battery replacement are just the P5 & T5 screwdrivers (which are packed together with the batteries)! For the older MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models,  it’s basically just a 10-step guide. 

Even if you don’t enjoy tinkering, at least you’ll feel a sense of achievement after installing the new battery. 

Free Guides Here!

Yes, you read that correctly. You can head over to our guide page here where we feature some of the more popular MacBook models and a step-by-step guide on how to install your new battery. 

No more worrying about the MacBook repair cost - just purchase your battery model and DIY your own now! 


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