iPhone Repair

Here at Mend, we enable the right to repair by providing affordable options at the convenience of the customers. We believe that every consumer that owns an iPhone should be able to repair it on their own or bring it to any third party iPhone repair service centre in Singapore.

Below are some of the common repairs and the table guide for the prices for each repair.

Model Battery Screen (OEM) Screen (Original)
5 $25 $30 $40
5S $25 $30 $40
6 $30 $40 $50
6 Plus $30 $50 $60
6S $30 $45 $60
6S Plus $30 $50 $65
SE $30 $40 $40
7 $30 $50 $65
7 Plus $30 $60 $75
8 $30 $55 $75
8 Plus $30 $60 $80
X $50 $110(LCD)
XS $55 $115(LCD)
XS Max $55 $130(LCD) -
XR $55 $105(LCD) $135(LCD)
11 $65 $105(LCD) $140(LCD)
11 Pro $80 $140(LCD) -
11 Pro Max $80 $200(LCD) -
SE(2020) $40 - -

Common iPhone Repair Services

The most common issue that we face in Singapore would be the iPhone screen and battery replacements. There is always the problem of finding a reliable or trustworthy repair service centre, but Mend solves this issue.

Below are some of the common repairs and the table guide for the prices for each repair.

iPhone Battery Repair

Similar to MacBooks, an iPhone also has charge cycles that will affect its performance as it is used up. A common symptom to find out is the swelling of the iPhone battery. After prolonged usage and charging, the gas build-up gradually gets trapped by the battery's wrapper and this results in the battery swelling up. Another symptom would be when the iPhone is overheated even after a short usage. When the iPhone battery health degrades, so will its ability to deliver peak performance.

All battery replacement services will be done within the day itself so you do not have to worry about being uncontactable.

iPhone Screen Repair

The iPhone screen repair is another common repair for most iPhone users. This could be due to screen cracks, unresponsive digitizer/ home button or even the cracked front camera. However, there have been numerous cases of fixing the lcd screen with a poor quality screen, resulting in more issues even after getting the iPhone screen repair.

Here at Mend, we give the options of choosing the type of quality for your screen so you know what you will be getting based on the cost of the service. From iPhone X models and above, customers can choose between Original Soft Oled and OEM Hard OLED and LCD screens.

The basic difference is that OLEDs generate their own light individually per pixel to display colours/images, while LCDs rely on filtered light from a backlight array to display images of their own.

OLEDs are a lot more energy conservative, especially when displaying a predominantly dark image and have better colour accuracy, better contrast ratio and higher screen brightness. Overall, OLED displays are more pleasing to the eye.

However, for LCDs, a major advantage is that they usually have a longer lifespan than OLEDs. They also do not suffer from the colour degradation that happens to OLEDs over time due to the organic material involved in their manufacture. LCDs are also much cheaper to manufacture, hence making them more affordable than the OLED screens.

Why Mend.sg?

We believe that every user has the right to repair their own electronic devices, and that also includes choosing who to repair for them. Here at Mend, we are transparent in our pricing to our customers, with no other hidden cost involved. We want to offer the best iPhone repair services in Singapore by being the most affordable in iPhone battery repair, that is fast and efficient.

In addition, our well-trained technicians will be there to assist in fixing any of your iPhone battery or screen issues. There are countless iPhone repair and replacement services in Singapore, but it’s always hard to find the right one for you. Almost every shop does a battery replacement or a screen repair. But here, you know exactly what you’re getting and for the right price.

We always ensure that payment is done after the iPhone battery repair itself and that it will be tested before handing it to the customer. We take pride and effort in ensuring that customers receive the most value in repairing their iPhone batteries and screen replacement in Singapore.