Macbook Repair


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Here at Mend, we enable the right to repair by providing affordable options at the convenience of the customers. We believe that every consumer that owns a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina should be able to repair it on their own or bring it to any third party MacBook battery repair service centre in Singapore.

Below are some of the common repairs and the table guide for the prices for each repair.

Model Battery Speaker Fan LCD
MacBook Pro 17
MacBook Pro 17 Unibody A1297 $110 - - -
MacBook Pro 15
MacBook Pro 15-inch Touch bar A1707 $200 $105 $130 -
MacBook Pro 15-inch Touch bar A1990 $205 - - -
MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina A1398 $150 $140 $100-105 $650-700
MacBook Pro 15-inch A1286 $85-95 - $60 -
MacBook Pro 13
MacBook Pro 13-inch Touch bar A1706 $180 $105 $130 $570
MacBook Pro 13-inch Touch bar A1708 $180 $110 $125 $570
MacBook Pro 13-inch Touch bar A1989 $200 - - -
Macbook Pro 13-inch Retina A1425 A1502 $140-150 $100-110 $85-90 $550-580
MacBook Pro 13-inch Unibody A1278 $70 $70-120 $55 -
MacBook Air 13
MacBook Air 13-inch A1932 $160 $90 - $460
MacBook Air 13-inch A1369 A1466 $75-90 $60 $40 $380
MacBook Air 13-inch A1237 A1304 $80 - - -
MacBook Air 11
MacBook Air 11-inch A1370 A1465 $80-85 $50 $50 -
Macbook 13 Unibody A1278 A1342 $80 - - -
MacBook 12-inch A1534 $160 - - -

Common MacBook Replacements

The most common issue that we face in Singapore is the Mac battery replacement. Finding the best Apple MacBook Pro battery replacement or the cheapest Apple MacBook Air battery replacement is always the issue, but Mend solves this issue.

We also do receive speakers and fan replacements - whether they are due to faulty parts or even low cycle count, we are able to do these repair services here. Be it a MacBook Air battery replacement service here in Singapore or a speaker replacement for your MacBook Pro Retina, do reach out to our customer service officer to find out more about your MacBook’s issue. Here at our Mend Singapore office, we do our best to repair your Apple MacBook battery replacement.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Finding a MacBook Battery replacement in Singapore is not that hard, but where you do it is important. Check your MacBook battery health status beforehand to ensure that your battery cycle count is low before replacing it.

Hold down the 'Option' key while clicking on the Apple menu at the top left. Choose 'System Information'. Under the 'Hardware' section of the 'System Information' window, choose 'Power'. You'll see the current cycle count under the 'Battery Information' section.

MacBook Speaker Replacement

When your speakers start having crackling sounds, test them to check whether they need to be replaced with a new pair.

Open System Preferences and choose internal speakers. Move the sliders to each side to check if any side is damaged. However, if there is no sound from both sides, it might be a software problem on your MacBook

MacBook Fan Replacement

When your MacBook gets too hot even after using it for a short while or when you can’t hear it on, then it’s time to get a new MacBook fan replacement.

MacBook LCD Replacement

Dropping your Macbook multiple times might result in screen cracks which not only causes difficulty in using your MacBook but also causes further damage if not repaired immediately.

However, as LCD screens are generally expensive, not many MacBook Repair Service Centres stock every single model. Do call us prior to your appointment to check whether your particular MacBook LCD screen model is readily available.


We believe that every user has the right to repair their own electronic devices, and that also includes choosing who to repair for them. Here at Mend, we are transparent in our pricing to our customers, with no other hidden cost involved. We want to offer the best MacBook replacement battery in Singapore by being the most affordable MacBook Pro battery repair, that is fast and efficient.

With countless MacBook Pro Battery replacement services in Singapore, it’s hard to find the right one for you. Almost every shop does a MacBook Pro Retina battery repair, MacBook Pro battery repair and even other part replacement. But here, you know exactly what you’re getting and for the right price.

We always ensure that payment is done after the MacBook Pro battery repair itself and the MacBook Pro retina battery replacement will be tested before handing it to the customer. We take pride and effort in ensuring that customers receive the most value in repairing their MacBook battery replacement in Singapore.